Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stocks mixed but looking attractive

Some of the solar stocks are looknig up again. I have LDK and it finally has started some of move up after falling some. The other one that looks promising is SOLF, they have secured some strong investments and have a positive future. The other top tier Chinese stocks have rebounded and have tracked back to their highs almost. I still like SOHU, BIDU, CTRP, YTEC, SNDA, GA, STV and CISG. their are many others that have potential to move up as well and we approach, 2008, earnings again and then the Olympics in China. I also have been follong ISRG, GOOG, VMW, SSTR, MHTX, FSLR, LLNW, I think these have great futures, but you have to wathc the up and downs, they move a lot

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stocks Can't decide where to go!

I took a break with computer trouble, but have been following many different stocks and the future looks good for most of the tech stocks for now. The chinese market seems to be growing along with the India. It seems much of the focus for the future in growing companies is selling to those markets. I hae been slowly buying some of those stocks, since i truly believe there is much growth in China playing catch up for its people. They are trying to modernize and grow and hopefully it will remain that way for a while. Just like in the States, ther are big tech companies, medical, fuel, services, advertising and many more. Well guess what, China will have them to when they catch up, maybe 3, 5 or 15 years. It would be nice to get in now, such as Apple or Microsoft. Think of how people in China and India want music players, game players, digital TV, cars all the latest stuff. Think of all the medical and health needs, all these companies could expand over time. Think CMED, BIDU, STV, SNDA, GA, SOHU, FCMN, CTRP, AOB, EDU And others.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tech and Chinese Stocks

Here we go again, more down days than up days. I guess with all the bad news that seems to be coming out thses days about the US economy, every is taking money of the table or just panic selling. I think there are many good buys out there and this could be a great time to average down or start buying small blocks. I have been looking at SOHU,STV, BIDU, GA, SNDA, SSTR, FCMN, AAPL, GOOG, AOB, CTRP, VMW, FSLR, LDK, ISRG. These stocks could be big winners as they grow in the future, sort of like a mini mutual fund. Throw in Washington Mutual and a couple other beaten down stocks and the rewards could be big. Many of these companies, even with there high value, posted great earnings with many more to come. Just think where they will be next year without the daily ups and downs and that is why i am holding for the next run up by buying up now. China is growing fast and think of Bidu in 5 years if you buy on every downturn. STV with the growing digital TV market in China. Do your research and look to take profits on the runs.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stocks Rebound

At least the market rebounded some after the beating it was taking the last few days. Some of the stocks i own went down fast, but I have taken some profits ont hem in the last months. I still believe in Tech and china. I am actually going to buy some stocks and get some stocks for the long term. I am looking at STV, GA, CTRP, and Bidu maybe, I already have some from way back. Other stocks i like and may buy a small amount in case of another downturn in Apple, ISRG, and VMW, they are high but could go much higher in the next few months or even next year. I also like FMCN, they handle much of China's advertising and the Olympics is coming. You can always learn from downturns as I did again, take some profits when you are at a comfortable point for you to handle. Better to make some then watch them go down. I should of took some profits on my stocks, but i see them next much higher than they were last week. China is still growing a high rate and most Tech companies have posted great earnings.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stocks mixed

The stocks have been mixed lately with some ups and downs. You have oil up, GM with some big losses, and the financial stocks taking a beating. There are still some great buys out there and thec and China stocks are still looking to grow. Check out these and their earnings, GOOG, BIDU, SOHU. These next few weeks are going to big for China stocks, many of the players haev earning coming out. There is STV, CTRP, SINA, NTES, JOBS, KONG, CMED, and others. Alibaba's IPO was solid in China with Yahoo owning about 40% of the company. China still looks good for the long term, but it will have its up and downs. Under Armour is way off its high, the owner keeps selling shares, but it had solid numbers. Other stocks I am looking at are ZTM, SSTR, GIGM, and NUAN. Invest wisely.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Baidu, Sohu, Google - Chinese and Tech Stocks

The stocks are moving again. It seems it is a great time to take advantage of some US tech names such as google and microsoft. In China, it seems anything energy and tech seems to go up. I have SOHU and Baidu, they just keep on going up. Others I am into now are STV, CNTF, LFT, and SNDA. I am watching close for a pullback, but will ride the momentum as long as i can and with the big IPO coming in China of ALiBABA, in which Yahoo owns 39% of the parent company, it looks to be good. Some of the other plays that look good are SOLF and other solar names in China. Take your profits as they come or at least sell half your position when you are up enough to cash in. A couple a good long term solid plays in China are AOB, Very good reports and SOHU, tech sponsor of Olympics in China. Other big gamers in China also, such as SNDA.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Chinese and Tech Stocks

Here we go again. The most of the top tier Chinese and US Tech stocks are on their move again. The fed might lower rates (most likely)and some of the Chinese stocks are coming out with earnings this and next week. SOHU for one. Baidu's Earnings last week were great and so were many others. I am now looking at some others, STV, LDK, SSTR, SNDA. I have had positions in SOHU, BIDU and SNDA for a while now and will keep those. I lightened up on SOHU, but still think the company will do great. They are a Tech sponsor of the 2008 Olympics in China. I am looking to spread some risks in China by getting into other areas such as solar, batteries and natural resources. I still believe China is the place to be and will be for a while. India will soon become another big one too.